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Are you an Engineering Student passionate about a career in VLSI but have no idea from where to start? If Yes, then This ebook is for you

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    “Don't just stand at the shore and wonder how to cross it. Gear up n dive in. Life will teach you to swim and cross miles"

    Hephzibah Johnson


    What you get:

    The reader of this book will get a clear understanding of how an ASIC chip is designed. ASIC chips are part of almost all Electronic products. This book will help budding Electronic engineers in their journey to a career in VLSI industry

    What is it all about?

    1. This book is all about VLSI IC design process.
    2. It contains the steps followed by Semiconductor industries in designing ASIC chips.
    3. Must have book for all Engineers interested in a career in VLSI.
    4. The first chapter gives an introduction to the World of VLSI.
    5. This book also consists of the History of VLSI starting from age of Transistor to the modern smartphone era.